en10ergy Limited is a social enterprise (a Registered Society under the FCA Mutuals Registration) set up by the Muswell Hill Sustainability Group and is a member of Community Energy England.  We have two main aims:

en10ergy is like a trading company in that its members are its shareholders and they are not liable for its debts.  On the other hand its activities are not carried on for the benefit of the shareholders, but for the benefit of the community.   We have over 100 shareholders, mostly based in Muswell Hill and surrounding areas.

We generate income through electricity sales and the Feed In Tariff from our solar photovoltaic panels on M & S on Muswell Hill Broadway, the Methodist Church in Pages Lane and on Woodside School in Wood Green.

Solar at New River Sports Centre: an exciting new project.

  en10ergy is currently exploring with Fusion, provider of many of Haringey’s leisure facilities, the possibility of a PV installation on the grandstand roof at New River Sports Centre, White Hart Lane, Wood Green. The current proposal is for a set of panels capable of generating 50kWp, about the same capacity as our recent installation […]

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Panels on Woodside School generating clean electricity

[caption id="attachment_584" align="alignnone" width="677"] Panels on the sports hall at Woodside High School[/caption] As of November 2017, over 150 solar panels ...

Woodside solar offer – now fully subscribed

Great news - our solar offer to put panels on roofs at Woodside High School in Wood Green is now ...

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels use the sun’s energy to generate electricity that can be fed back into the Grid.

We installed solar pv panels on the roof of Marks and Spencers on Muswell Hill Broadway in July 2010.  Marks and Spencers head office supported this as part of their Plan A programme.  We also installed solar panels on the roof of the Muswell Hill Methodist Church on Colney Hatch Lane, completed in April 2011.

Both these projects were funded by the (then) Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) through their Low Carbon Communities Challenge.  These projects generate revenue through the ‘feed-in’ tariff that the Government pays for micro-generated electricity.   We’re using the revenue to fund further carbon emission reduction work in Muswell Hill.

In November 2017 we installed around 150 solar panels on the roof of Woodside School in Wood Green, funded through a share offer. We are looking to install a similar-sized system in 2018.

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en10ergy raised £95,000 through a community share offer to install photovoltaic panels on roofs at Woodside High School in Wood Green.  In November 2017 around 150 panels were installed on the sports hall roof and are now generating clean solar electricity.  Unfortunately we were able to install less panels than anticipated due to the unsuitability of part of the roof at Woodside School, which was revealed following detailed structural surveys.  We are now working with other potential host sites to install the remaining panels during 2018.

The Woodside High School panels are owned and maintained by en10ergy, who sell the electricity they generate to the school at a discount from the usual market price. Electricity sales and the government’s Feed In Tariff, which everyone who installs pv panels is enttitled to, will provide en10ergy with an income to pay its investors. The price en10ergy charges for its electricity will save the school, and Riverside School for special needs, which shares the power supply, about £1400 a year.

About 34 tons of carbon emissions will be saved each year.

en10ergy will also provide a grant towards developing educational material which can use information from the solar panels for teaching in the schools, and will assist in the delivery of a suitable and creative teaching aid.

Solar panels installed on Woodside School’s sports hall

We have used an innovative financial model to raise capital for the project. Since government support for the renewables industry has been drastically reduced in recent years, driving a number of small providers out of business, it has been necessary to look for new ways of making  community energy projects financially viable and appealing to those who would like to invest in them.

We will use the secure income from our existing generating facilities to back our current project by ensuring an interest rate on our shares of about 4% a year, and paying back a proportion of the capital invested each year as well. By doing this we can reduce the period of payback on the investment to 12 years. We feel that, given the age profile which research has shown to be typical of investors in socially beneficial projects like this, the period of twelve years will make a more attractive offer.


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In 2009 the Mayor of London awarded funds to a number of London boroughs to set up Low Carbon Zones to reduce emissions by 20.12% by 2012. Muswell Hill was one of the ten zones established. The project, which launched officially on 27th February 2010, was run by Haringey Council in co-ordination with partner organisations including Muswell Hill Sustainability Group, local businesses and residents associations.  The zone included businesses and flats on Muswell Hill Broadway, the Muswell Hill Centre and the residential area off St James’ Lane on the southern slope of the hill. It included 840 residential buildings.  Householders and businesses in the Zone were helped to make lasting changes through energy audits, low cost energy-saving measures such as loft insulation and education about waste.  The project has now terminated.

en10ergy played a facilitative role in this project and has used the experience gained in the Low Carbon Zone to cut CO2 emissions in the wider Muswell Hill area.


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Building on experience from the Low Carbon Zone en10ergy and Muswell Hill Sustainability Group (MHSG) together have taken forward a number of initiatives to help local residents and businesses continue reducing their carbon emissions.

The measures include:

  • negotiating bulk deals with suppliers of energy saving measures e.g loft insulation, condensing boilers, solar thermal heating
  • making householders aware of local grant schemes to allow them to implement measures as cheaply as possible
  • raising awareness in the wider community e.g. through working with local schools/parents associations and residents associations


To expand on the work of the Low Carbon Zone, MHSG conducted a  ‘100 houses Study’ which followed 100 households in Muswell Hill over 2 years.  This assisted participants with an initial carbon footprint assessment, agreed individual carbon reduction plans with them and provided assistance through regular surgeries with experts in household carbon reduction.  There have also been information sessions on zero-cost measures to reduce your carbon footprint, on Solar Renewables, Boilers, Insulation, Food and Waste. Supported by funds from en10ergy, MHSG continues to hold outreach events such as open homes hosted by members who have implemented energy saving improvements to their homes, and discussions of new technologies like smart meters.


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